Simple expense
reporting on Slack

Slack app to track and reimburse your team's expenses.

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Expense Filing simplified

ExpenseTron works on Slack and takes over all
mundane tasks related to filing expenses.

Expense File

Eliminate manual data entry

Say goodbye to manual data entry and keep
your books updated with realtime expense
filings, approvals, and reimbursements.

Mileage expensing

Simply specify the distance traveled and we
would convert it to a $ amount for expenses. No
more need to keep a manual mileage log.

Receipt forwarding

Never worry about missing receipts. Simply snap
a picture of your receipt and send it over Slack.
Or just forward the email receipt.

Multiple currency support

File expenses in the currency of your invoice.
ExpenseTron automatically converts it in the
currency of your accounting software with
realtime currency conversion rates.

Put all your expense management worries at rest

ExpenseTron takes care of everything including reporting, approvals and alerts.

Real Time Expense Reports

Customizable real-time
expense reporting

Want to know the expenses of a particular
employee? Paid expenses, unpaid expenses
or entire team's expenses. Just ask ExpenseTron on

File Tax

File taxes faster and

Auto-categorize expenses in tax-friendly
categories and make tax filing super easy.
ExpenseTron removes all tax-related filing

Expense Approval

Approval workflows

Automate any kind of approval workflow to suit your
company's policy. Reduce the manual effort,
increase transparency. Three levels of managers.
No problem. Need to only notify some
managers? No problem.

ExpenseTron Dashboard

Advanced dashboard

View everything inside Slack or choose to use the
dashboard for advanced functionality.
Understand the company-wide spending
patterns. Identify trends and figure out areas of
high expenditure.

Integrate Accounting Software


ExpenseTron integrates with all the accounting
software of your choice.

Why our customers love us

Chat first approach

We go where your work goes. Get work done even
when you’re on the move and across web and

World class customer support

We succeed if you do. Our secret sauce is our stellar
customer support. We provide live chat and free
email support across all plans.

Great add for our
staff to simplify
expense tracking.

Matt K.

Nonprofit Organization

We have loved expensetron so far, as
a simple and easy to use alternative
to Expensify, and in Slack

W Reid S.

Religious Institution

Getting reports and
summaries has never
been that easy!

Annette P.


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