Everyone is happy!

A solution to that caters to everyone!


Ease of Filing

Any time any where

Automatic categorization

Real-time Support

File from anywhere, from any device

No need to classify expenses, we do it automatically

Just connect with our support team and get real time support via chat

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Approvals & Reporting

Approvals with a click

Customised Reports

Approve or deny expenses with a single click inside of slack

Review receipts, run team reports, view pending expenses all from within slack


Smooth Accounting

Track Expenses

Sync with your Accounting Software

Advanced Dashboard

Track all paid, unpaid expenses. Mark, unmark expenses as paid.

Automatically sync new expenses with your accounting software and when expenses are paid in your accounting software, same reflects here.

Employees get automatic notifications for all the expenses marked as paid or paid.

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Monitor Expenses

Trends & Patterns

Custom reports

Advanced Dashboard

Understand the company wide Spending patterns. Identify trends and figure out areas of high expenditure.

Get a quick summary of team wise expenses with ability to drill down.

View everything inside slack or chose to use the dashboard for advanced functionality.

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